New Mayans - Crimes EP

The time has come!  Our new EP, Crimes, has seen its release.  You can grab the four-track EP now via Bandcamp.  Also, don’t forget to catch New Mayans at Off Broadway in St. Louis for the EP’s release show tonight, February 26th. Click here for tickets and more details on the show.

Crimes transports fans further into the cosmic world composed of influences from art rock and cinematic fantasy that display the alluring diversity to edgy alt-rock, which the group is known for producing. Produced by Mario McNulty (David Bowie, NIN, Lou Reed), the EP opens with the haunting melody of “Universe,” a slow ballad that looks to the past from the viewpoint of a dystopian future. Lead singer, Swiggy, howls with fervent vocals over the percussive track, “Glue Boiler,” his cinematic influences are fully realized in the shredding guitar work that sounds like a final showdown between the forces of good and evil. “Jezebel” is perhaps the best demonstration of Swiggy’s monstrous guitar work, in this grizzly track that pines after the mysterious figure of a woman named Jezebel. The title track, “Crimes,” is tantalizing with ominous harmonies and mellow symphonic verses that twist and turn into a stellar eruption of edgy guitar licks and ethereal synthesizer reverbs. With the song’s evocative refrain, “loneliness is a ghost that haunts me,” viscous to their memories, New Mayans fans will be thrilled to experience their dynamic sound. Reminiscent of Swiggy’s early muses like Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Morrissey, the Crimes EP takes audiences into a black hole of ruthless musicianship that echo into the ethereal.

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